Jack Potty, Because Potty Training Wasn't Disgusting Enough

My kid is almost the age where I need to consider potty training incentives. Walmart suggests the $US15 Jack Potty toilet/slot machine (get it?) with sensors that "detect a deposit and trigger lights and sounds."

For $US15, I can't imagine exactly how good those sensors are—my experience with Jack Potty's brand, Safety 1st, has not been positive at all, but that's not the real issue. I know Walmart is trying to help, and I'm sure it makes sense to them: The percentage of people who throw away most of their Social Security checks on slot machines probably do tend to spend whatever remains at Supercenters.

But how will this affect kids, mentally? Risk of gambling addiction aside, a friend of mine said it best: When our girls are old enough to visit Las Vegas and look out over the sea of slot machines, will they say, "Wow, check out all those public restrooms!"?? Scary. [Walmart via Consumerist]

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