Is the PlayStation 3 Really a 'Ten-Year' Console?

Sony's excuse for the relatively dismal sales of the PS3 is that it's a "ten-year" console, so it's just ramping up. But Ars took a hard look at that claim, and it doesn't hold up.

Essentially, when you look at the numbers, the PlayStation 2 is a true 10 year machine. And that's because it really came out of the gate swinging, killing the Dreamcast and setting itself up with a huge number of exclusive games. Combined with a low price point, the PS2 really owned the last generation.

But the PS3 has none of that going for it. With few exclusives, seriously stiff competition, and a super-high price point, it's not set up with the momentum to last 10 years, especially not without a concurrent next-gen system, such as the PS3 is to the PS2.

In the end, the "ten-year plan" is, like most things that come from executives mouths, marketing speak and BS. Sure, the PS3 will be around for its 10th birthday, but the PS4 will have been out for a while by that point. [Ars Technica]

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