Irony Alert: Unabomber's Stuff to Be Auctioned Off Online

A San Francisco court ruled that the writings and possessions of Theodore Kaczynski, the famed Unabomber and enemy of internets everywhere, will be sold online to pay restitution to his victims' families. Ah, the irony.

Kaczynski had appealed from jail that sale of his writings constitutes a violation of his freedom of expression, and while denying the appeal, a San Francisco Circuit Court also allowed that the University of Michigan receive copies of his work, in accordance with the crazy scary man's wishes. Let's hope that the method of sale really sticks in the craw of the anti-technology crusader, whose bombs killed 3 and wounded 23 over a period of 18 years. Hell, I'm even writing about the sale of his stuff on the internet, on the internet, from a source I found on the internet. It's a meta-feast of technology up in here. [San Francisco Chronicle]

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