Intel Classmate 2 Already For Sale, Priced at $550

Intel’s Classmate 2 was never intended for manufacture by Intel; the PC was simply a reference design provided for OEMs. Well, the first one is here: meet the Computer Technology Link 2Go PC.

Computer Technology Link is the presumptive first manufacturer of the Classmate 2 for some time now. The final unit specs are the same as the demonstration model we’ve been playing with since the Intel Developer Forum—and which, in a later incarnation, we found quite palatable at CES—barring the replacement of the 802.11n wireless card with a b/g unit.

The price is a steep $US550, but could well be lower for bulk orders (assuming there are other sales channels, as CTL’s site only allows one laptop per customer, or “OLPC” if you will). [CTL via NetBuxThanks, Johannes!]