iFlyz Clamps Media Player to Tray Table (No MacGyvering Necessary)

Watching a movie on a media player during a flight takes skill: You want it propped up but you don't want to touch it. iFlyz removes the joy challenge from this delicate dance.

The thing looks like a scaled-down inverted GPS mount, with suction cup there to grab the device, and a clamp to latch onto your tray table, desk, lunch counter, even coffee table, if you're the type who prefers the 3.5" screen over the 42" plasma. It's got a flexible gooseneck, but not a lot of joints, so my guess is, you're going to want to line up your suction cup before latching.

Speaking of that suction cup, I am not sure how crazy I am about the whole saliva thing. In the world of GPS navigators, a little spit is often necessary to get that suction cup to really suck, but here we're talking about spitting on my iPod or Zune, a different matter.

Also, how do I know the suction cup will work on rougher textures, like the leathery backside of the BlackBerry Bold. iFlyz says it's iPhone compatible, so at least the rough aluminium first-gen iPhone shell is covered, but for $US30, this thing better stick to anything I want it to stick to. [iFlyz]

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