HTC's Full 2009 Smartphone Lineup Leaked?

HTC is among the leakier phone shops, and someone on the PPCGeeks forums claims to have their full 2009 smartphone roadmap. What's there? More Android goodness, and a potential US-bound Touch HD-based phone.

This in particular looks like an HTC Touch Pro HD bound for both Sprint and VZW—hopefully a Touch Pro mated with the Euro-only Touch HD—which is a phone that can't come too soon to our shores. Other highlights include the pink "Android Hero" that looks like a slightly more angular (and pinker) take on the G1, The full reveal includes hardware bound for AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. The original forum is getting slammed right now, but a few more can be seen at WMPowerUser: [PPCGeeks forum via WMPowerUser]

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