How To Repair Your Plasma TV With a Baseball Bat (NSFW)

That rumour that Australian toilets flush the other way isn't true, so lets start a new one: In Australia, you can fix things by beating them. See you in my children, new trivia meme!

(AU:Um, looks like our US cousins are a little confused about us here in Australia. Firstly, the water does flush the other way, and secondly, everyone knows that you fix things by giving them a strong whack... it's the Australian way!)

Everyone has a story about fixing a gadget with tough love, but this is kind of extreme. Depending on your history with flat panel TVs, this video will be either cathartic or nerve-wracking, but with the endless shouting arguments going on in the background, the maniacal glee with which our subject takes a metal bat to his television and the inexplicable success of the whole endeavor, well, it's hard not to feel like you've witnessed something significant. NSFW for language. [NoWhereElseThanks, Steve]

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