How Porn Will Shape our HD Future

How Porn Will Shape our HD Future

There is no getting around it—we love us some porn. This sinful medium has played a vital role in pushing video technology forward over the years—and it may be poised to do it again.

The folks at Home Theatre Review state that “the adult video industry is really ahead of the curve with what they are working on for high definition content “—and, if history holds true, this progressive stance will affect how we all acquire our media in the near future.

Many adult sites have turned to internet distribution to peddle their wares because it’s cheap and it can be accessed from any computer—affording a little privacy in the process. As HTR points out:

Digital Playground is rolling out an entirely new HD download centre where clients can download 720p video directly to their iTunes library or for use with their AppleTV. Pink Visual is already distributing HD downloads for use on your computer and others are following suit. It is only a matter of time until the bandwidth expands and we can all freely download 1080p porn over the Internet.

We are heading in this direction anyway, which is why many feel that Blu-ray is a placeholder format. But I have no doubt that the porn industry will get us their faster, bigger and harder than we could have otherwise. [Home Theatre Review]