How Asteroid Apophis Could Destroy the US West Coast in 2029

You have seen a badass asteroid obliterating Earth in a theoretical simulation, but you probably missed astrophysicist Neal deGrasse Tyson talking about the very real possibility of Apophis hitting California in April 13, 2029.

Clearly, you can tell why Neal is the host of PBS's NOVA spaceNOW TV program. While the clip is from a talk he gave in 2007, it's kind of fun to hear about the possibility of experiencing such a deadly event in such a lighthearted kind of way. If it wasn't a real possibility, I would be laughing.

And while maybe it won't on Thursday, April 13, 2029, it may happen any other day. Just in case, remember to follow your "What if the world would end tomorrow?" checklist every day. [Geeks Are Sexy]

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