Hong Kong Architect Turns 344-Square-Foot Space into Ultimate Transformer Apartment

Hong Kong architect and technophile Gary Chang has the most amazing apartment. His 344-square-foot space can be shifted into at least 24 different layouts, using a funhouse's worth of sliding walls and detachable shelving.

Chang has lived in this apartment since he was 14, moving in with his parents and three younger sisters. Back then, he used to sleep in the hallway. Now, he uses a hydraulic Murphy bed that he designed himself, which is usually hidden behind a sofa during the day.

Turning his apartment into what he's named a "Domestic Transformer" hasn't been cheap. It only cost $US45,000 to buy, but his latest design efforts came with a $US218,000 price tag.

Still, his experiment in small living is incredibly cool. Personally, if I had a quarter million to play with, I'd much rather spend it optimising something creatively rather than on another boring McMansion. [NYtimes]

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