Hitachi Wooo Adds Another Dimension to Mobile Phone Screens

Hitachi's new Wooo, part of Japan's KDDI au Spring line, comes with the unique ability to watch 3D videos. Sounds coool, even if the 3D-induced wooziness will have you switching back to 2D in minutes.

The phone's 3.1-inch display is the first of its kind to have 3D-capabilities and can be swiveled horizontally to be more TV-like. There's not a lot of content being offered to accompany the phone right now, which is just as well since Hitachi doesn't recommend that people use the 3D feature for too long. Kids under the age of 6 shouldn't use it at all.

Besides the crazy stereoscopic screen, the Wooo also comes with a 5MP camera and a "Global Passport" that will connect you to KDDI au's network from anywhere in the world except Thailand, Guam and Canada. It'll be available in three colours by April—in Japan only, of course. [KDDI au]

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