Have USB Glasses Gone Too Nerd?

Here's the secret of life: If you go nerd without pre-planning, you're just a dork. But if you crank that nerd factor up with the right glasses, shirts, etc, you actually become hip.

And these USB glasses celebrate the most famous of fashionable geek icons, the horned rim, by storing 2GB of data in their 2mm frame that doubles as a bookmark. (Sadly, they don't actually work as glasses.) Pick up your pair in March when the they'll be available for $US29.

Just keep in mind that if you begin wearing things like short sleeve shirts with ties in any way above the perfect equilibrium of self-deprecating irony, you're in danger of going too nerd. And if you ever go too nerd, even for the briefest of moments, you can never go cool nerd again. It's the way it's always been and always shall be. [imm living via Engadget]

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