Fulton Innovation's eCoupled System Charges Gadgets with No Wires Necessary

Fulton Innovations showed off their eCoupled induction charger with an iPhone that was able to recharge by simply placing it on a surface, no adapters necessary. It was a modded iPhone, sure, but cool nonetheless.

They also talked about batteries that they would soon be offering for phones that, you know, actually let you swap the battery out. This would allow you to buy a new battery for your phone and never plug it in again. It sends a good amount of power through that little amount of air, too, as they had a 2kW blender running with no cords attached. Eventually, phone companies will get on board with this technology, which uses internal coils to pick up the charge, and we won't have to go aftermarket to ditch the wires, but until then it's pretty cool to see this tech in action.

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