Hands On Giinii Movit Mini: The Android Tablet

The idea sounds so sexy: An Android tablet. Remarkably thin, with over four inches of touchscreen, like an Android iPod touch. Actually, that's a lot what it's like.

Namely, 'cause there's no mobile phone—Wi-Fi only. But since it's Android, you can obviously VOIP out of the box, so it's not THAT big of a deal. At $US149, with no carrier contract to deal with, it's comparable in that way too.

Software, we know what we're dealing with, so let's talk input and hardware. The soft keyboard itself—necessary since there isn't a hardware one—is excellent: great layout, perfect size, even for massive, hulking gorilla hands. But the resistive touchscreen left a lot to be desired—not nearly as responsive as the capacitive screen on the G1, it was hard to push buttons, and an epic feat to scroll more than once.

Obviously, it's a prototype, so we can't be too harsh on it, but it definitely has a ways to go before it's ready. But the idea: an Android tablet in an fantastic form factory is so, so sexy.

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