Handcrafted Mii Brooches Gives Your Outfit Some Jennifer-Aniston 'Flair'

Yeah, I only played the Wii to make my Mii. I was one of those people. Someone even enjoyed it so much they started making Miis offline with the these handcrafted, cute-as-a-button Mii brooches/pins.

You have a choice out of the four Miis already made: Asher, Alyssa, Brianna or Brody. They are available from Etsy for $US10.50 a piece. I'm not sure I'd button them on my clothes in public (I might as well play D&D at that rate) unless I had to. Well, if I did that, maybe I could my own personal Ron Livingston. Now, that's amore. [Etsy via GeekSugar]

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