Hacked Chumby Red Phone Needs To Be On President Obama's Desk STAT

If President-elect Obama really is the technology President, as many believe he will be, he's going to need to replace that red phone hotline on his desk with a Chumby. Luckily, MAKE shows us how.

Now, just to begin, this clever bit of Chumby hacking doesn't turn the device into a direct line to the president. Let that idea expire right here and now; you will not be discussing our nation's nuclear launch codes with a frantic President Obama via a Chumby phone anytime soon (it is Linux, though, so who knows what someone will cook up eventually).

What it does do is allow you to experiment with this incredibly hackable device and have a fun little weekend project that will make your home office or work cubicle that much cooler. The DIY project doesn't dial out—yet—but it will play tunes though the handset thanks to clever speaker placement. The "Future Improvements" planned for this project, made possible by the manufacturer-endorsed hacking that's possible with the platform, are also pretty cool.

Lastly, when Obama isn't saving the free world with his Chumby, he can unwind with Quake; feed his fish; or even give his infamous iPod a break with some relaxing Pandora internet radio tunes. He doesn't have anything else planned for when he takes office next week, right? [MAKEThanks, Mike!]

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