Guy Gets Back Stolen Car and Phone by Texting Thieves He's Got Hot Girls and Drugs

Alan Heuss was carjacked. The thieves made off with his BMW, cash and mobile phone. But they did not steal his brain. So he came up with a plan involving hot girls and drugs.

After the incident, he went out with some friends, where they came up with an idea to get his stuff back. The kind of guys who jack cars probably like drugs and women. And statistically speaking, 51 percent of thieves are dumb. So Heuss sent a text to his stolen phone, acting like one of his friends: "I've got a bunch of hot chicks...we've got some drugs, too."

The thieves, easily duped by the promise of girls and drugs, sent over their address. But instead of hot girls with drugs, they got a visit from the Columbus police officers—not the sexy kind that take off their clothes—and were caught red-handed with the stolen car. All in all, a serendipitous experience: What would've happened if the carjackers were in fact gay straight edgers? Hmm. [WBNS via Joel]

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