Google GDrive Online Storage Getting Closer

GDrive is Google's long-rumoured online hard drive in the sky which might offer unlimited space for all of your files. Descriptions of GDrive have appeared in newly updated code on the Google Pack site.

Here are the meaty bits in the string:

// Localised product category of GDrive
_CI_messages.CI_GDRIVE_CATEGORY = 'Online file backup and storage';
// Localised short description of GDrive (1st
// of 2 description lines)
_CI_messages.CI_GDRIVE_DESCRIPTION_1 = 'GDrive provides reliable storage for all of your files, including photos, music and documents';
// Localised short description of GDrive (2nd
// of 2 description lines)
_CI_messages.CI_GDRIVE_DESCRIPTION_2 = 'GDrive allows you to access your files from anywhere, anytime, and from any device - be it from your desktop, web browser or cellular phone';

GDrive might not offer truly unlimited storage, but if it's really going to host all of your files, including music and photos, and be a complete backup solution, it's gotta be pretty damn roomy. At least hundreds of gigabytes. One terabyte would have a nice ring to it.

Cloud services are getting big, even interesting finally, but the kind of stuff Apple and Microsoft are doing (or will soon be doing) is like small potatoes next to being able to access all of your files from anywhere on any computer or phone. This could be huge, and we're not just talking about the storage space. [Google via beu blog via Mashable]

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