Gizmodo AU’s Most Popular Posts From 2008

Gizmodo AU’s Most Popular Posts From 2008

top giz au posts 2008.jpgHot on the heels of the top 10 posts from our US brethren comes the top 10 stories on Giz AU for 2008. And boy, they’re totally not what I expected…To add some suspense to proceedings, I’m going to count them down from number 10 to number 1.

10. Australian Company Launches The World’s Smallest Pocket Projector – 21,066 Pageviews Aussie FTW!

9. The Biggest Mo-Fo Of A Printer I’ve Ever Seen – 21,338 Pageviews From my trip to HP’s regional launch earlier this year, this printer was huge – and expensive!

8. Micro Camera Shows the Workings of a Combustion Engine – 21,627 Pageviews Looks like we’ve got some car enthusiasts or engineers for readers (or both).

7. Slime Turns Into Sex Toy, Childhood Memories Shattered Forever – 34,311 Pageviews You’re all sick and twisted (and we love you for it).

6. Update: Optus iPhone Pricing Details ‘Wrong’ – 39,527 Pageviews In the pre iPhone 3G hype period, our exclusive (and incorrect) pricing for Optus’s Jesus phone certainly gained some attention.

5. Audiophile Deathmatch: Monster Cables vs. a Coat Hanger – 44,440 Pageviews Verdict: Don’t buy Monster Cables.

4. Vodafone Puts iPhone Pricing Online, Then Pulls It Down – 45,986 Pageviews Seems you guys were hungry for iPhone pricing stories last year. In retrospect, it was one area that all the local networks screwed up royally…

3. Bacon iPhone Case Is Most Savoury Gadget Protector Yet – 57,101 Pageviews Guess you guys like bacon.

2. A Visual Look at the Nokia Damage Test Labs – 65,868 Pageviews This was a personal favourite of mine as well.

1. Sprint’s HTC Touch Diamond Gets Photographed By Digital Camera From 1998 – 167,774 Pageviews Not what you expected, right? Us neither.

And there you have it. And now that 2009 is well under way, stay tuned for even more stories about terrible spyshots of unreleased bacon iPhone cases being dropped in Nokia’s testing facility. Because we cater to the people.