Girl Sends 35K Text Messages in a Month...Twice, But It is Nowhere Near the Record

The story of a 13 year old girl sending 14,000 text messages in a single month got a lot of press, but truth be told, that figure is actually fairly low.

For example, Sprint has confirmed that a 14-year old Florida girl sent around 35,463 text messages in a month on two separate occasions. That works out to 1,182 a day. As sad and depressingly impressive as that is, those numbers don't come anywhere near the Guinness record. Apparently, that "honour" is held by a man...a GROWN man by the name of Deepak Sharma. He managed to send 182,689 messages in a single month—about 6100 messages a day (or 4.2 messages a minute). Yeah, that is insane. Good thing we have unlimited text plans—even though it is most likely a ripoff. [Herald Tribune via Fark Image via Flickr]

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