Giant Antarctic Snowmobile Can Carry Entire Planes, Made to Combat Nazis

Not only this Antarctic Snow Cruiser is amazing on its own, with its bigger-than-men wheels and awesome 1939 design but, as you can see, the damn thing carried an entire plane on top.

The machine was nicknamed The Penguin and it was part of Operation Highjump, a 4,700-strong US expedition to Antarctica, the largest ever. It was a response to Nazi's exploration of those frozen lands, just in case those ugly goons with funny moustaches wanted to also invade the damn penguins.

Length: 17m
Wheel Base: 6m
Height: 4.8m(max) - 3.7m(min)
Width: 6m
Weight: 34 Tonnes (loaded)
Tires: Goodyear 12 ply 120 x 66 x 33½
Engines: Two Six Cylinder Cummins Diesels 150 Horsepower each
Drive Motors: Four General Electric 75 Horsepower each
Speed: 48 kph (Maximum) Range: 8,000km

Brian says I should go to Giz's Snowmodo Reader Meetup in Aspen. If I can get this thing with me and the plane, I'll be there like shareware. [Joeld via Seth White via Dark Roasted Blend]

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