Get Girls Naked With Your iPhone (NSFW)

Probably because they were my first sexual fetish—after my English teacher—when I was ten, I still love those old strip-a-girl pens, which get pinups naked as you turn them around. Like iFloaty for iPhone.

That's exactly what iFloaty is: A new—official—application for iPhone which gets a girl half naked when you turn it upside down. The art is not as good as the old Vargas pinups, however.

Shake Mates, on the other hand, has better graphics (gotta love the stockings) although it's not the kind of cheesecake material I would like in a thing like this. It also has a completely different strip action: To get these girls naked, you need to shake the iPhone. The more you shake it, the more clothes come off.

You know. The more you shake it. Hmm. OK. Lovely. [Macenstein]

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