Gene Roddenberry and Majel Barrett to Go Forever Where No One Has Gone Before

Is there such a thing as feeling yourself flying, loving someone forever? I want to believe there is. Actually, now I know. But failing that, you can spend eternity in space, like Gene and Majel.

The remains of Gene Roddenberry—the creator of Star Trek, in case you are damn philistine—and wife Majel Barrett—the voice of the Enterprise—will be launched soon into orbit.

Unlike the last time, where Majel sent part of her husband remains into Earth orbit, this time the rocket will send them deeper into space to never return to Earth, according to Celestis' spokeswoman Susan Schonfeld.

Godspeed, Majel and Gene, Godspeed and thanks for all the fish. Here's the most romantic song ever—by Ziggy, the Starman himself—to celebrate your last travel. [Buzz Newsroom]

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