FyreTV, the Best Streaming TV Porn Box, Goes Wireless (NSFW)

We got hands-on with the FyreTV living-room porn streaming solution last year at AVN, but this year's version is even better. Why? Because it's wireless so you can take it anywhere in your house.

The FyreTV system, which just went out of beta this past month, has a Wi-Fi version of their set-top-box with the same DVD-quality porn streaming for the same $US9.95 monthly subscription. Here's their thought process. Lots of people like watching porn in the bedroom; their previous FyreTV box is only Ethernet-enabled, with no dongle option; not a lot of people have Ethernet wiring in the bedroom. Thus, the wireless FyreTV is born.

We've tested the original FyreTV box for a while now, and it's definitely worth the subscription price in both usability and convenience. The wireless box is still fairly inconspicuous, with a black finish and no "THIS IS MY PORN BOX" label, as you can see in the photo above (left) with lovely model Ashlynn Brooke.

FyreTV guys also told us that they're going to be enabling HD wireless streaming in about two months, meaning the same box you buy now will be able to stream HD content wirelessly to your bedroom—assuming your bedroom has the required high def equipment. [FyreTV]

Some bonus info from adult star Ashlynn Brooke:

Hey Y'all! I'm here at the Adult Entertainment Expo 2009 representing FyreTV. It is so much fun being able to talk to my fans, take pictures with them and sign autographs. If you don't already know FyreTV is the hottest IPTV set top boxxx around. Just think....you can have me, Ashlynn Brooke right there on demand. Now I know you guys would LOVE that right?

Now here's all that great geeky stuff I know you guys like: it's wireless 802.11 b and g. It's really small and cute even though I usually like larger things ...hehe. It has all kinds of output, HDMI, S-video, component and composite. And the best part of all is it can deliver me right to your bedroom!

So make sure you check out www.fyretv.com and my website www.ashlynnbrooke.com.

Love ya'll!


P.S. All this geeky stuff is kinda hot...I think I might have to do a couple more posts :) Would you guys like that? And by the way Jason Chen...you are so hot :)

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