Free HP iPhone App Lets You Print Wirelessly

hp iprint photo.pngIt's a testament to the success of the iPhone that even Apple competitors are making apps for the App store. The latest is company to do so is HP, who today released the iPrint Photo app - a program that lets you print 4 x 6 inch photos stored on your iPhone wirelessly through any Wi-Fi enabled HP printer. The free app lets you print any photo stored on your iPhone or iPod Touch - not just those you've taken using the iPhone's crappy inbuilt camera - and works with Apple's Bonjour technology as well. While it isn't really revolutionary in terms of iPhone apps (even though HP stress it's the iPhone's first app to print photos without the need of a computer go-between), it makes printing off photos that much easier, which is a good thing. And it's free, which makes it a must-download for any wireless HP printer owning iPhone users out there.

[App Store link]

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