Ford Sync Developing API For Controlling All Your Smartphone Apps Via Voice

Want to be able to say "John Mayer" behind the wheel and have the Pandora app on your phone queue up a station of similarly smooth jams automatic-like? That's where Ford Sync is going.

We were able to sit down with Ford CEO Alan Mulally and Director of Product and Biz-Dev for Electronics Douglas VanDagens to talk Sync's platform potential before Mulally's CES keynote tonight, and said open API for mobile developers to mate their apps with Sync is one of the more exciting things we heard. No timetable was given, but it's most definitely in the oven. Whether developers will take the bait and make their apps Sync-compatible, we'll see.

Also baking is the ability for Sync to detect a data connection on your phone if you have one, and then use it to pipe in even more content from just about any web source imaginable. Sync 3.0, unveiled yesterday, already added some awesome new features to an already terrifically polished system, but it sounds like there's even more goodness coming.

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