First Look at The Sharper Image's New Direction: Cheap iPod Docks

The Sharper Image is rebranding itself as a gadget maker here at CES, and now we have our first hands-on with their cheap iPod docks. Welcome to the future!

Yes, now instead of a store in the mall to buy your stepdad a spatula mixed with a thermometer, The Sharper Image is going to be a line of iPod docks sold at places like department stores and Bed, Bath & Beyond.

What I saw were some decent-looking but uninspiring iPod docks. One model rotates your iPod touch automagically into landscape mode for watching movies. Another has a pair of detachable, wireless speakers.

The goal is to sell iPod docks that are cheaper than what's out there, but with most of the prices hovering well over $US100, they really only seem like they'll be cheap when compared to something like Bose. In any case, these things won't be hitting stores your mum shops at until November of this year, so we have a good long while to get excited about piano-black iPod docks again.

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