Firehose, Meet Fire Missile Launcher

We're not firefighters, so this idea may be completely crazy. But if we fought fires for a living, we'd feel a lot more comfortable doing battle with this mean-looking gas-propelled missile launcher concept.

We've all see those clips on the news, a firehose suspended from a lift shoots water into a burning building. It looks futile, as most of the water arcs toward the ground or just bounces against the brick. Only a small proportion was the water ever makes it into the window.

With the Jet Spray, gas pressure fires a hose-connected rocket into an open window a la Batman. Turning on the hose pumps the water directly into the room, dousing the flames with 100% of available water.

But how one is supposed to keep that hose from flailing all over and popping back out of the building...well, therein lies the rub. [Yanko]

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