Fastskinz Car Wraps Confuse Passing Golfers as They Save You Gas

Another day, another dubious method for saving gas. Today it's FastSkinz, the dimpled car wrap that promises a gas mileage boost. We think it'll attract golf swings and dents from confused, drunken golfers.

Dimples are a proven method for reducing wake turbulence on golf balls, and that's what creator SkinzWrapz (you know, ads on cars?) think will happen with cars, too.

In fact, they boast an 18-20% boost in gas mileage. Of course the boast comes without any kind of supporting research, but what else is new from a product that will undoubtedly be hawked by Billy Mays in the near future.

If there's one thing going for these skins, sorry skinz, it's that they're hard to notice from a distance. At least with the white paint job. [FastSkinz via DVICE]

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