Eyelash Growing Drug Will Cure That Baldness Around Your Eyes

If you've ever worried about the inadequacy of your eyelashes, the company that brought you Botox now has a serum to make them longer and fuller. The source of its power: repurposed glaucoma meds.

Allergan will introduce the lash growing drug, named Latisse, at the end of the month. It'll be used to treat "eyelash hypotrichosis," that life-threatening condition where you look in the mirror and huffily remark that your eyelashes just aren't full enough to flutter properly.

Clinical trials found that Latisse increased "overall eyelash prominence as measure by the Global Eyelash Assessment" by at least one point on a four point scale. That's right, there's a Global Eyelash Assessment scale. God, I love the beauty industry. [Wired Science]

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