Dream HD Camcorder Showdown: Canon 5D Mark II vs. Red One

I don't understand Norwegian, so the only info I heard was that the Red One has a greater dynamic range than the 5D Mark II. But the pictures and video tell the story vividly, wordlessly.

Norwegian news outfit NRKbeta conducted this little showdown at the film studio the Jar, with the first two scenes shot with controlled lighting. Here, the Red One is way more detailed, with a superior dynamic range compared to the 5D Mark II (which is plagued some nasty washouts in the second scene). That said, the super-saturated (if unrealistic) colour from the 5D looks way more delicious and it still has less noise than Red in the first scene.

Outside, at night, however, it's completely the 5D's game (which we kinda already knew). You can barely see anything with the Red ONE footage, but the video from the 5D Mark II looks fantastic.

Not bad for a $US2700 camera up against a $US17,500 one. NRK stresses that this whole setup is an informal, non-scientific showdown, but it's close enough for me. [NRK Beta, NRK Beta]

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