Door in the Floor Leads to Amazing Spiral Wine Dungeon

Rich wine nerds have a wine cellar. Very, very rich wine nerds install a door in their kitchen floor leading to a spiral staircase surrounded by wine, which is the coolest wine cellar ever.

In addition to being certifiably badass, a spiral wine cellar uses the ground to keep bottles at an ideal temperature without needing any fancy electronics. It saves space and, sure, why not, let's call it cost effective.

The Spiral Cellars come in sizes that can hold between 1000 and 1600 bottles, which is about 997 to 1597 more bottles than I usually have on hand. But if I had a trap door in my floor leading to a spiral cellar? I'd have closer to 15 bottles. Believe it!

Oh, and these start at $US30,000, which is a lot of wine money, so you'd better have some serious scratch if you want to get on board. [Spiral Cellars and The Kitchn via]

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