Dollar Origami iPhone App Instructs How to Properly Fold a Bill

Ever wanted to create a dollar bill TIE Fighter? What about a shirt? Well Dollar Origami is here to help, but let me warn you it's much harder than you think...

The $US1 iPhone app has 50 different dollar bill origamis to choose from and each has its own step-by-step instructions. The origamis range from animals, clothing, rings, structures, Yoda, and more. There's a few extra features like a self timer for testing your speediness and a sequence builder for creating your own origamis. But I was unable to really utilise this app to its full potential for one simple reason, I'm horrible at making origamis.

I started off pretty ambitious and jumped right into the cool looking TIE Fighter. After 15 minutes and many sighs of frustration I gave up. Here's what my Dollar Bill TIE Fighter looks like, yea I know it's pretty pathetic.

Even though the TIE Fighter killed my dreams of becoming a professional Dollar Origamist I decided to try my luck at folding a T-shirt. Well the sleeves aren't exactly perfect but I guess I did it?

[Dollar Origami]

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