DIY: Safety Alarm Clock Locks In Your Snooze and Throws Away The Key

I'm a deep sleeper. Too many times, I've ignored the snooze button and turned off the alarm, making Jason wonder, "Where's my slave Andi?!" This DIY alarm clock would be perfect for us sleep addicts.

This Do-It-Yourself Safety Alarm Clock will only shut off after you've unlocked it with a key. When you go to bed, simply set your alarm and lock it in by turning the key. In order for it to have the maximum effect, take the key out of the lock after you've turned out the lights and then toss it into the dark abyss that is your room. In the morning when your alarm sounds, you'll be forced to crawl out of bed and hunt for the key before you can unlock your clock and shut it up.

Knowing me, I'd probably end up making duplicates of the key and hide it under my pillow, but hopefully you won't be a remarkably industrious lazy arse and do the same. Head on over to Instructables to see how this Safety Alarm Clock is made. [Instructables via Make Blog Thanks Seung!]

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