Discover Card Biodegrades Your Debt Away

While most of us can't avoid the convenience of credit cards (and their reusable nature is commendable), their plastics aren't so good. Now Discover has launched the US's first biodegradable credit card.

Constructed of biodegradable PVC, 99% of the card's substance is said to be reabsorbed by the environment given exposure to soil, water, compost and microorganisms within 9 months to 5 years of its being thrown away.

So where did this magical biodegradable PVC come from? Treehugger speculates that since the idea is relatively new/rare, it might be purchased from a company named BIOflex who makes a PVC from a mix of limestone, plasticiser, and 20 percent petroleum.

If you're a Discover member, you can find the new biodegradable card under their "Standard Designs" section. Hopefully the bigger guys like Visa and Mastercard will quickly follow suit. [Discover via Treehugger]

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