Dell Adamo's Ultra-Thin Faptastic Form Factor Fully Revealed

Pictures of Dell's ultra-thinner-than-Air Adamo have been dark or teasing partials, but here it is, fully revealed. The form factor is gorgeous and makes the Envy look boring. But there are some things I hate, too.

The white is marred by a supremely tacky lid—in and of itself, and for the style that it's trying to evoke, the essence of the rapidly fading (if not already dead) monogram bag.

But! Like I said, the form factor itself, exposed more crisply than ever by Brian Solis, is gorgeous, and I kind of want to take the black one on a date where we'd eat foie gras and chocolate truffles. To make the body of the laptop itself thinner than the Air, Dell gave it a meaty arse, which is where it stuffed all the ports—two USB, DisplayPort, Ethernet, power. The keyboard looks like it'll fantastic to type on as well.

Performance is still a remaining question, but it really only matters insofar as it doesn't spoil the experience, kind of like going out with a model. [Brian Solis via Electronista]

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