Custom Star Wars Clock Preys On Innocent Dorks

Star Wars dorks are second to none in spending crazy amounts of money on anything branded with their obsession, but at what point does it become exploitative? I'll just throw it out there: this clock.

Etsy seller YOUgNeek created this $US90 custom-made clock out of vintage Star Wars spaceships attached to a Sterling and Noble clock. The specific choice of vehicles is left to the whim of the buyer, but exactly what warrants the price is a mystery. Wouldn't anybody considering this clock already have a stockpile of little spaceships? And don't most people own glue? Here, I'll give my own instructions for creating this exact same clock for about 1/10th the price.

1. Find clock.
2. Find tiny figurines.
3. Find glue.
4. Glue result of Step 2 to result of Step 1, using result of Step 3.
5. Thank me for my help in saving you so much money by sending me half of your profit. [Geekologie]

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