Contribute to CNN's PhotoSynth 3D Collage of the Inauguration

CNN is asking anyone at the Inauguration this Tuesday to take digital photos, send them in, and let CNN use PhotoSynth to create a massive 3D experience.

All you have to do is take a picture (under 10 MB), send it into [email protected], and then wait for Microsoft's 2D to 3D software to compile the whole thing. It's gimmicky, sure, but not in the same way as the "holographic" nonsense on Election Night. This could turn out legitimately cool; PhotoSynth is a very capable piece of software and with the volume of photos that CNN could gather, a 3D compilation would be a real looker. So if you're planning to be in D.C. on Tuesday, show those stodgy CNN people how we take a photo here at Gizmodo. [CNN, photo by AFP/Getty]

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