Consumers Union (Publishers of Consumer Reports) Consumes Consumerist

Our friends at Consumerist have a new owner, and it seems like a great match: they've become the first addition to a new non-profit division of the company that publishes Consumer Reports.

Consumerist will remain the same great source of no-bullshit survival tips for navigating our capitalist universe, and will remain totally independent from its older corporate sibling. Seems like a great move for Consumer Reports, who surely hopes that Consumerist's well-earned cred will go a long way toward knocking off a few years from their geriatric reader base. As a non-profit, the new Consumerist will carry ads only for other Consumers Union related endeavours. Hopefully the deal also give them keys to CR's bad arse testing facility in Yonkers, and all the toys therein.

More details can be found at Consumerist. Congrats guys. [Consumerist, NYT]

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