Competition: Score Yourself A... Something

The Phone logo.jpg

Okay, so the prize is not yet official. Nor has the competition actually started. But since we ran out of ideas for an article we're such gems here at Giz, we thought we should give you a heads up...

Thanks to the upcoming Fox8 reality-come-action game, The Phone, we will have something show-related... *cough* four Blackberries *cough*... to give away. Details will be confirmed over the coming days, but to win, all you'll need to do is watch the series premiere next Monday at 8.30pm on Fox 8 and answer an as yet undecided question, in the comment section of an as yet unwritten article, which will officially announce the as yet unofficial competition. Confused? As am I.

Just schedule Fox8 Monday 19th 8.30pm into your IQ and stay tuned to Giz's coverage of The Phone for details of the comp. And if you don't have Foxtel; Well you've got 5 days to get it, haven't you?

[The Phone]

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