Circuit City Closeout Deals Aren't Deals At All

Those poor saps who bumrushed Circuit City this weekend thinking they'd save money on a TV were paying more—before sales tax—than at most online stores, according to HDGuru and our own quick survey.

Gary at HDGuru checked out a store in Long Island and found that the Panasonic TH42PZ85U that lists for $US1100 was selling for $US990, but PriceGrabber offered it as low as $US930. Ditto for Sony's $US2800 KDL46XBR6, which sells for $US2520 at Circuit City but online for $US1975.

Lest you think this is a one-off thing, and that the Long Island store might not have been representative, my conversations with someone at an Orange County, California Circuit City revealed more or less the same pricing on mainstream Panasonic and Samsung models. I cross checked them with Amazon, and they were available online for substantially less, and that was before I factored the free shipping and sales tax breaks.

We only checked TVs, but knowing CC's historically crappy pricing, I can only assume this is a trend. Did any of you make a run for it? And if so, did you get any actual deals? [HDGuru]

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