Casio Brings 1,000fps Slow Motion Video to Point and Shoot Cameras

Casio is bringing the slow motion hotness of its hulking EX-F1 to the world of point-and-shoots. Yes, that's right: point-and-shoot cameras that can shoot 1,000fps video.

We're looking at two models: the EX-FC100 and the EX-FS10. The EX-FC100 will retail for $US400 and has a 9-megapixel sensor. It'll be able to shoot 30 fps of 6-megapixel pictures, 720p HD video and high speed movies at up to 1,000 frames per second. You get a 5x optical zoom and a 2.7-inch LCD with that.

The cheaper EX-FS10 will run you $US350, and it has the same sensor and slow-mo specs as the FC100. The $US50 you save knocks the optical zoom down to 3x and the LCD down to 2.5 inches.

These are pricey cameras for point-and-shoots, but there are no other cameras out there that pack such robust slow motion functionality into such a small package. If you've wanted to get in on the slow-mo fun without carrying around a huge camera, these are the way to go. No word on release dates at the moment, but expect them sometime this year.

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