Car Breathalyser Mistakes Ice Cream for Alcohol, Doesn't Let Man Drive Home

You may want to hand your keys over after a pint of Ben and Jerry's, because in Australia, a man's car breathalyser refused to start his engine after he ate an Ice Cream Bar.

UPI reports that the unidentified man, who lives in Frankston, Australia, claims he ate Bubble O'Bill ice cream (pictured above), right before blowing into the breathalyser, which caused the false positive. Afterwards he went before a court asking to have the breathalyser removed from his car.

The court decided to verify the error with a second test. Without eating the Ice Cream, the man's BAC was .0000. Immediately after taking two bites, it was .0018. The man got his wish, and the breathalyzer was removed. But the larger cause for concern here is what he did to get stuck with the breathalyzer in the first place? And what will he do now that he's no longer shackled to the buzz killer? [UPI via Tech Dirt via Prefix Forums]

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