Canon LEGRIA: Six New Flash Memory Camcorders

Canon LEGRIA: Six New Flash Memory Camcorders

LEGRIA_HFS10_Canon-1.jpgCanon’s saved the first Monday of 2009 by announcing half a dozen new flash-based camcorders under the moniker “LEGRIA”. The FS21, FS22 and FS200 are all standard definition models, boasting a 3.5 hour continuous shooting battery life, while the HF20, HF200 and HF S10 (pictured) all shoot in Full HD. Canon claims the HF20 and HF200 are 17 per cent smaller than their predecessors, while the HF S10 features 32GB of internal storage, plus the ability to record to SD cards. All six cameras are heading to retail shelves in March, although RRPs are still yet to be announced.

Confused? Then check out the press releases after the jump:

Canon puts the fun and freedom back into moviemaking with its smallest-ever SD flash memory video cameras

Sydney, 5 January 2009 — Canon Australia is putting the fun back into moviemaking, releasing its smallest and most stylish Standard Definition digital video cameras ever: the LEGRIA FS22, LEGRIA FS21 and LEGRIA FS200. Using ultra-compact and incredibly power-efficient flash memory, each model can shoot continuously for up to three and a half hours on a single charge.

The new LEGRIA FS-series models benefit from a range of features that make moviemaking easier than ever before, allowing users to shoot in complete freedom. Canon’s unique Video Snapshot function automatically grabs short movie clips at the touch of a button – these clips are the perfect size for playing back together in sequence, in-camera. With the new Pre REC function, as soon as the record button is pushed, the preceding three seconds of action are also captured – a great way to ensure that the key shot is never missed. And a new, dedicated Playback button makes footage review easier than ever.

“The new LEGRIA FS-series makes shooting high-quality movies more fun and easier than
ever,” said Judd Marcello, Brand Manager – Digital Video, Canon Australia. “With flash memory, not only are the new models ultra compact and energy efficient, no moving parts means your memories are protected from harmful bumps or shakes.”

The LEGRIA FS22 and FS21 are Dual Flash Memory DV cameras recording to memory
cards and internal flash drives of 32GB and 16GB capacity, respectively. The LEGRIA FS200 – available in four colours – shoots straight to memory card, a great way to share movie clips immediately.

Key features:
– Lightweight and stylish design, weighing around 230g: Canon’s lightest ever DV cameras
– Full range options:
o Dual Flash Memory models record to SD/SDHC memory cards as well as internal memory: 32GB (LEGRIA FS22), 16GB (LEGRIA FS21)
o Direct to SD/SDHC recording with the LEGRIA FS200
– Several new features that make moviemaking easy:
o Video Snapshot: a fun way to create movie montages in-camera
o Pre REC: ensures that key shots are never missed
– Simplified controls with the new Dual Shot option: video and still images can both be captured without the need to switch shooting modes, allowing users to keep their eyes on what they are shooting
– Advanced Zoom gets closer to the subject without sacrificing image quality: 45x (LEGRIA FS22 and LEGRIA FS21) or 41x (LEGRIA FS200) reach
– New Quick Charge feature for super-fast battery recharge times; 3x normal speed means up to one hour’s shooting from just a 20 minute charge
– Microphone input and headphone jack for superior audio capture
– Easy sharing: compatible with Canon’s standalone DW-100 DVD Burner and Player
(available separately); Software Solution Disk and PIXELA ImageMixer™ video editing software supplied as standard.

New pocket-size Canon LEGRIA HF20 and HF200 DV cameras capture life’s moments in Full HD anywhere, anytime

Sydney, 5 January 2009 — Canon Australia has announced its smallest, most stylish High
Definition (HD) digital video cameras ever: the LEGRIA HF20 and LEGRIA HF200. Recording outstanding Full HD 1920×1080 movies, these new models are around 17 per cent smaller than their predecessors. Incorporating a new version of the Canon HD Camera System with a 15x optical zoom, the new LEGRIA models encourage consumers to discover the fun of capturing stunning HD movies — anywhere, at anytime.

Canon’s smallest-ever HD digital videos cameras, the models weigh just 340g and fit into any pocket – without compromising image quality. The Dual Flash Memory LEGRIA HF20
combines 32GB of internal memory, enough for over 12 hours of recording time, with straight-to-memory card shooting: perfect for epic adventures. The LEGRIA HF200 records movies and photographs to convenient SDHC (High Capacity) cards that are ideal for sharing.

“There are no more excuses for missing life’s exciting moments in Full HD thanks to the tiny size and exceptional image quality of these new LEGRIA models,” said Judd Marcello, Brand Manager – Digital Video, Canon Australia. “With Full HD quality in your pocket, you’re always ready to capture and share those spontaneous moments that make our lives fun and memorable. And with flash, your memories are secure for enjoying time and time again.”

LEGRIA HF20 and LEGRIA HF200 features:
*New, ultra-light design – at 340g, Canon’s lightest-ever HD DV cameras
*1920×1080 Full HD recording via an updated Canon HD Camera System
– New 15x optical zoom Canon HD Video Lens with a Super Range Optical Image Stabiliser (OIS)
– New ¼” 3.3 megapixel Full HD CMOS sensor
– New DIGIC DV III image processor
* Features that make moviemaking easy:
– New Face Detection technology
– New Video Snapshot mode creates movie montages for sharing
– New Pre REC, making it easier to get the shot
– Instant AF, for precise and rapid auto focus
*Dual Flash Memory: LEGRIA HF20 records movies and stills to either 32GB internal
memory or SDHC memory cards
*LEGRIA HF200 stores video and photos directly to SDHC memory card
*Advanced photo features – including 3.3 megapixel still capture, new Dual Shot mode
and Photo Burst function (2.07 megapixel)
*Expandable and flexible: microphone input and manual audio controls for superior audio
capture; Mini Advanced Accessory Shoe; HDMI and component outputs
*Easy to share: compatible with Canon’s standalone DW-100 DVD Burner and Player
(available separately), the DW-100; PIXELA ImageMixer™ editing software supplied as

New Canon LEGRIA HF S10 digital video camera takes Full HD video recording to new heights

Sydney, 5 January 2009 — Canon Australia has announced a new-generation High
Definition (HD) flash memory digital video camera: the professional-standard LEGRIA HF S10. Combining several unique and highly-advanced imaging technologies, the LEGRIA HF S10 represents a true breakthrough in HD recording, enabling videographers to take their moviemaking to new heights.

With its stunning design lines, the Dual Flash Memory LEGRIA HF S10 shoots to 32GB of
internal flash memory, but also offers the option of shooting to removable memory cards.
Combining an 8.0 megapixel Full HD CMOS sensor, a genuine Canon HD Video Lens with a 10x optical zoom, and the new DIGIC DV III processor, image capture size is almost three times greater than Full HD resolution – providing the ultimate in image quality. With an extensive set of professional-level controls and features, the LEGRIA HF S10 is suited to high-end consumers or professional movie sets.

“The LEGRIA HF S10 is a true breakthrough in HD video recording, providing the ultimate in image quality and professional-level features to take enthusiast moviemakers to the next
level,” said Judd Marcello, Brand Manager – Digital Video, Canon Australia. “Benchmark
quality is matched by the security of flash memory which, with no moving parts, protects your footage from loss as a result of bumps and knocks that commonly occur in the field.”

LEGRIA HF S10 features:
* Breathtaking image quality, via the best-ever Canon HD Camera System:
– New Canon HD Video Lens (58mm filter diameter) with 10x optical zoom and Super Range Optical Image Stabilizer; a 1.7x digital tele-converter allows Full HD recording at up to 17x zoom
– New 8.0 megapixel Full HD CMOS sensor that captures every detail
– New DIGIC DV III processor, designed for high-speed image processing
* Smart technologies:
– Instant AF for fast and accurate auto focus
– Face Detection Technology: the DV camera can detect up to 35 faces in a single frame and optimises shooting settings to ensure that your subjects look their best
– Pre REC: starting from the moment you press the record button, the preceding three seconds of action are also captured – even if you’re slow to react you’ll never miss the best moments again
– Dual Shot and Video Snapshot modes make moviemaking easy
* More control than ever thanks to a Control Dial and Custom Key, plus other advanced features
* Sounding good: when you need to, attach an external microphone to the DV camera to record better audio; monitor what you’re recording in high quality with the headphone connection
* More photo features than ever, giving you true versatility: shoot 8.0 megapixel stills (6.0MP while recording video); Photo Burst lets you grab 25 images from a single second of recorded movie footage
* Attach the DV camera directly to an HD TV via HDMI
* PIXELA ImageMixer™ editing software comes supplied; compatible with the DW-100
DVD Burner and Player (available separately)