B&W Brings Their Premium Pricing Engineering To Soundbars

B&W Brings Their Premium <strike>Pricing</strike> Engineering To Soundbars

B&W panorama.jpgB&W, those purveyors of fine (and expensive) speakers for the discerning audiophile, showcased their upcoming Panorama soundbar over at CES. They claim it will do to the soundbar category what the Zeppelin did for iPod docks, which I can only assume means raise the average price by a couple of grand…According to Ty over at CNet AU, the Panorama uses “nine drivers; five for the active centre speaker, two bass woofers, two mid-range drivers, and a tube-loaded aluminium dome tweeter.” Also, the soundbar apparently lacks an HDMI input, opting for two optical digital and a coax input instead.

There’s no word on when we’ll see this in Australia, but it won’t be cheap – it’s got an RRP of $US2,200, which will probably equate to about $5K when it does launch here.

[B&W via CNet AU]