Buffalo's FTD-W71 7-inch USB Monitor Swivels For Better Buddy-Listing

It won't instantly give you Jason Chen's tactical blogging situation room, but Buffalo's 7-inch USB display does something nice: it swivels vertically, making it even better for a secondary IM display on your desk.

For now it looks like the FTD-W71 is Japan-only, but hopefully it won't stay that way. For everyone else, there's the rebranded Nanovision Mimo, which we reviewed a few weeks ago. D-Link's CES-launched mini-monitor is a rebranded version of the same.

Like the rest of 'em, Buffalo's has an 800x480 widescreen resolution, sucks video entirely from USB, and appears to only work with Windows. [Akihabara News via CG]

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