Breakthrough Spintronics Single-Electron Pump To Bring Faster, More Efficient Processors

Stay with me for a second here: Imagine a chip that can transport electrons while controlling the way they are rotating. OK, forget about this. I don't really know what I'm talking about. They do:

We study single-parameter quantised charge pumping via a semiconductor quantum dot in high magnetic fields. The quantum dot is defined between two top gates in an AlGaAs/GaAs heterostructure. Application of an oscillating voltage to one of the gates leads to pumped current plateaus in the gate characteristic, corresponding to controlled transfer of integer multiples of electrons per cycle. In a perpendicular-to-plane magnetic field the plateaus become more pronounced indicating an improved current quantization. Current quantization is sustained up to magnetic fields where full spin polarization of the device can be expected.

See what I mean? Here's the translation: By using the electrons spin, you can transport more information faster and using less energy than with normal chips, which just push electrons. The invention could lead to the development of "spintronics", which some people postulate as the future of information technology.

Hmm. OK, translation 2: Electron spins. Faster computers. Less power. Cool kickassery. [AIP via Nanowerk]

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