Breakfast Wrap: Best of Wednesday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best of Wednesday Night

breakfast-pancakes.jpgBlurry Pics Allegedly Show G2, Slimmer and Keyboard-less Successor to T-Mobile’s G1
Shouldn’t we concentrate on everyone else getting the G1 first?

White MacBooks Upgraded, Nearly Match Unibody Specs
About time Apple.

SEC Examining Apple on Steve Jobs’ Health Disclosures
I don’t think they’ll find anything, even if it does seem suspicious.

Windows Mobile 6.5 May Launch Q3 2009, Beta ROMs Leaked Now
Not enough, too late will be the universal verdict. We need a Windows 7 for Mobile.

Giz Explains: Why the Windows 7 Taskbar Beats Mac OS X’s Dock
Hey everyone, let’s start a flamewar!

Phantom Lapboard Review
Oh my God! It exists!