Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Thursday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Thursday Night

Breakfast omelette.jpgMacrumors: First Proof of Next Gen iPhone
Not really surprising. I’d put money on a July release (and a new model every July for a while).

iPhone Rubik Cube Solver Is Pure Genius
Finally, an easy way to cheat!

Scientists Demo Living, Remote-Control Flying Cyborg Beetles
That’s a B-grade movie plot, right there.

What To Know About iPhoto ’09 Face Detection and Recognition
Would this entice any PC users to head to a Mac, I wonder?

iMovie ’09 Review
Despite what they say, I reckon this would still be easier to use for n00bs than older versions of iMovie…

Apple’s Bloodiest Patent and Copyright Clashes
Microsoft FTW!

Sony’s 4th Quarter Profits Down a Whopping 95 Percent
Ouch! Hate to own Sony shares today….