Breakfast Wrap: Best of Monday Night

breakfast-frenchtoast.jpgMichael Arrington's Minimalist Web Tablet Prototyped, Fulfils (Most) Promises I personally can't see a market for this, but what do you guys think?

$US5,000 Paper House is the World's Swankiest Hobo Pad in Sydney, one of these would cost you $3.5million. Because it's a house in Sydney. (Houses in Sydney are expensive).

Flight Simulation of the Hudson River Waterlanding I would have liked to have seen more of the simulation after landing, like little animated people standing on the wings...

SkyBox: Microsoft's MobileMe, But for All Phones? Hopefully it will be better than MobileMe (at least it has a better name...)

Six Ways the PSP Could Make the PS3 Infinitely Better Come on Sony - get your act together and take our advice (and pay us a commission).

Canon FD Adaptor Brings Even More Classic Lens Compatibility To Micro Four Thirds System This could be good news for any Panasonic G1 owners out there...

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